Vawolence: Ebira celebrities, Yunique and Hajj throws shade at each other

When we think all is gradually becoming right between Hajj, the EJANLA crooner and Yunique the OPOYIPOYI crooner, it’s either their fans start a new fight on Social Media or they start it themselves.


For the past few days, Hajj Ciroma has been in Lagos with the likes of Zule Zoo, HiSpeed Boss, Flexytunes Boss and the likes, doing what obviously seems to be like a video shoot, judging from his updates.
He takes shots with Zule Zoo and likes and his fans has been very impatient as they keep pressurizing him to burst the bubble.
Yunique too has been somewhere around Kogi State, doing what he’s best know for, updating his fans and followers back2back with pictures from locations, via his Facebook handle.

In one of the numerous posts from the OPOYIPOYI crooner, Yunique, he dropped a caption that got his fans and followers laughing, which obviously seems to be an attack on the EJANLA crooner, Hajj.
In his post;
“I dey here for my own shoot 🔫
I no follow join body.”

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Hajj, seeing this, felt attacked. In retaliation, he made a post via his Facebook handle, with a rib-cracking caption. His post reads;👇🏾
“By God’s grace Na me dey feed my child
I no dey give belle runaway😋😁”

Such a nice gbas gbos from our favorite celebrities, what should we expect next, more gbas gbos or a cease fire?

Meanwhile, in the pictures posted, non of them looks bad tho, they’ve been feeding lil good. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. I hope they stoppl all this!!
    It’s good as they have diss ooh because it will definitely make them grow bigger.
    But they should just avoid diss them self with something personal

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