“Chai!” John snapped, as all his efforts to get more than 2 minutes of sex failed again.
He had met Kate few months ago and had waited for almost eternity for the ‘D-Day’ to come.
Sadly, however, on the very day, he could not satisfy her because he was in the class of 2-minute men”.
There is so much talk around ‘the 2-minute man’ and many men are embarrassed to find that they fall within this category.
However, there are few things every man should also know about how long it naturally takes a man to ejaculate.
Interestingly also, several questions have been raised on whether there is something that a man could do to delay ejaculation during sex.
Yes! There are natural remedies to premature ejaculation or low libido and they are mostly foods, mind game and physical activities. Some of these foods area available in Nigeria.
Naturally, How Long Can A Man Last?
You must have heard people give different time lapses for this, but a study has shown that age also has something to do with premature ejaculation.
A 2005 study that focused on the Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time (IELT) for men found that most men could only last for a maximum of 5 minutes.
This should give a relief to people who thought they were different.
The researchers wrote: “The distribution of the IELT in all the five countries (studied) was positively skewed, with a median IELT of 5.4 minutes (range, 0.55-44.1 minutes).
“The median IELT decreased significantly with age, from 6.5 minutes in the 18-30 years group, to 4.3 minutes in the group older than 51 years (P<0.0001)”.
Natural Remedies
Having established the fact that age could be a factor, there are few things that persons who have this challenge could also do to get result.

  1. Food
    Food is man’s way of replenishing cells and it is a delicate way of also making body organs not to function well.
    Yes! If you feed the body the wrong food, the organs get malnourished and function poorly.
    Foods that have high sugar content or are high in carbohydrate increase chances of having premature ejaculation.
    Eat foods and fruits that will improve sex drive. Few of them are black Maca, blueberries, goron tula, citrus fruits, pomegranate and date among others.
    According to research, most foods and fruits that have a component called flavonoid could help.
  2. Reduce Consumption Of Alcohol
    Most people erroneously believe that alcohol could help them last longer during sex, but studies have also showed that heavy drinking could affect male sexual function.
    Alcohol “depresses libido, decreases arousal and diminishes the intensity of orgasm,” Irish examiner wrote.
  3. Exercise Often
    This may sound very necessary, but a 2016 study says you just have to exercise if you want to improve your performance.
    Blood needs to flow well to the penis and be sustained for it to remain active.
    Interestingly, physical exercise helps in blood circulation in the body and that is one reason it hold results.
    A good circulatory system aids sexual performance.
    According to the study, there is a small negative correlation between levels of physical exercise and symptoms of premature ejaculation.
    One of the exercises that work is pelvic exercise.
  4. Watch Your Level Of Arousal
    One of the reasons a man ejaculates fast is high arousal level.
    Grab a thought that could lower your arousal level and keep at it. Be sure to also change positions when you feel the pressure.
  5. Focus On Satisfying Your Partner
    Most times, men often get carried away when it comes to sex and this is another reason they end the process within 2 minutes.
    A focus on your partner’s satisfaction will provide a form of distraction that could lower arousal level and allow enough time to help her get orgas


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