Imamship Tussle: Full Details Of What Happened At Okene central mosque Fri-15-2020

Good evening esteem readers as Promised earlier, here is the full update of what happened today at okene central mosque. Kindly read with an objective mind.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ thanks.

And it goes thus, at about 1:20-1:30 pm today as the acting chief imam in person of Mall. Abere was heading to the mosque to lead the prayers as he usually do, he turns out massively as he bring with his self some security personnels ”DANGA SECURITY” on reaching the mosque at the preacher who always preach before the arrival of the imam announced that the Acting imam is here so he will be giving the mic to him to continue the jumm’at prayer.

Not quite long as the held the mosque, there was a brief argument that transpires within the mosque which led to the sudden fight that broke the jummat gathering.

As the gathering began to scatter, an eye witness disclosed that an attempt was made by unknown person to harm the imam, but his generous members prevent the imam from being harmed.

As the imam was rushed out of the mosque in attempt to rescue him from being hurt, the unknown persons began to fight with some of the able bodies that always accompany the imam to the mosque where some of the men where injured and beaten.

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Thereafter the security agencies who always take position to protect the Muslim ummah during prayers, come to aid the scene by separating the both team from harming them selves.
Few minutes later an eye witness disclosed that the Tijjaniyyah Chairman in person of Mall. Ibrahim was attacked by some groups of ahal-sunnah brothers at idogido junction where he was beaten by the fire wood the aboki used in setting his fire to rust his SUYA.

The boys who attacked Mall. Ibrahim are identified as friends to Mall. Yakubu(America) who’s shop is down the lane at idogido, which rise to the action taken by the tijjaniyyah brothers to destroy some of Mall. Yakubu’s properties.

After then, it was also recorded that a Patient medicine shop owned by an Ahl-sunnah brother was destroyed at inike street along the road that leads to Ustarz Abere’s house. After then the Tijjaniyyah brothers also beat an Ahl-sunnah brother known as ABIOUS COMMUNICATION along idogido street.

It was also reported that some unknown men went to a mosque at idogido street beside Mall. Omo spirit’s house to disorganize the mosque activities around 8:30pm

The above information is what all ClassiqVibesMedia Can offer about this whole issue.

Base on our recent post which so many people complained about for we taking side, we really mean to say sorry for that but the truth remains that we do report what we get first and update the whole story later.

N.B: Classiqvibes is never bias by supporting any of the groups. we only bring the update we get to you as we get it.

Disclaimer: The Above news might not the 100% facts of all the happenings today. we promise to update you as we get more updates from our reporters.

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  1. Am sorry when you say unknown is a wrong. Is what we notice, what happened my presence is not a story. Let say the truth for once because of Prophet Muhammad and this holy month. Because one day we read our deed in front Him Ya’Robbi.

  2. @KingBajeh, the “unknown” the blogger mentioned its not wrong at all, for instance, when u are reporting news be it from any source it’s not possible for one to get every details but you always have a clue …. Those people who went to destroy the mosque were unknown because no one knows where they came from what was their own reasons for destroying the mosque because the mosque the destroyed was outside where the first issue (central mosque) arises from… For now you will refer to that as “Unknown” until it has been confirmed

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