Compering 2019/20 budget’s of Rwanda,South Africa & Nigeria by Umar Ubeid

BUDGET: is a financial plan for a defined period of time, often one year..

SOUTH AFRICA: has an estimated population of 56,308,690 people at mid year according to UN data. This is equivalent to 0.76℅ of the world population.

RWANDA: has an estimated population of 12.95% million people.
This puts Rwanda at 76th in the world as at Feb 17, 2020.

NIGERIA: The current population of Nigeria is estimated at 204,996,100 as of Tuesday, April 14, 2020, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest UN data. Nigeria population is equivalent to 2.64% of the total world population.

SOUTH AFRICA: budgeted #4,603,368 trillion in 2020 targeting investment on new schools, replacement of school constructed with in appropriate materials, provide water and sanitation for school across the country. The plan is to develop and invest hugely in Maths, science and technology will ensure the learning of coding and robotic in specific grade of the schools. This is monitored by its parliament as implementation is taken with all seriousness.
RWANDA: budgeted #52 billion for education with the plan to invest hugely on children below 18 years of age education. They also plan to invest in their high school so as to strengthen the invention capabiliity of the country high schools.
In NIGERIA: education budget here in Nigeria was put at #671.07 billion. This included statutory transfer to Universal basic education which amount to #111 79 billion.
Scanning through the above budget and population you will agree with me that South Africa prioritize its educational growth even with far less population compared to Nigeria. While Rwanda investment on education is very justifiable and realistic with its population size.this in the case of Nigeria is very discouraging. Hence the slow space and lack of capacity our schools of technologies and other learning space.

SOUTH AFRICA: they budgeted #7, 996, 075.2 trillion. This huge sum is to be invested in health sector of the country. The country is planning to ensure everything household is registered under the country National Health Insurance (NHI) by 2025..
RWANDA: this country budgeted the sum of #96.298 billion for its healthy sector and population of about 13millon people, the health sector in Rwanda is among its top four sectors and has remain a priority area for the past five years. While in NIGERIA: the health sector has a budget of #N44.50 billion. This compare to the two countries above reflect the level of negligence of the health sectors by the Nigeria government.


  1. They budget for both health and Education should be among the three top sectors to be given much priority with huge investment in both capital and recurrent expenditure
  2. Educational budget should be jacked up so as to aid research and encourage creativity of our youths across board.
  3. Implementation and monitoring should be made strictly so as to ensure the productivity of the budgeted sum.
  4. Finally, the government should borrow a leaf from the South African government as to application of funds to its various sectors in accordance to the population…….


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