[MUSIC] Itabriz-Jembesu Mp3

[MUSIC] Itabriz-Jembesu Mp3

Kogi based hard core rapper ITABRIZ is finally here with the diss track against his friend YUNIQUE. This track follows the recent video posted on his official Facebook account where he described Yunique as fuck boy, saying he can never be wise again till the end of life.

As stated on the video he promise to release a track tited JEMBESU and here is it. meanwhile Yunique has not reply ITABRIZ on the banters thrown on him by ITABRIZ .

Do you really want to know what JEMBESU really means, kindly download this track, listen and dont forget to share with friends.


3 thoughts on “[MUSIC] Itabriz-Jembesu Mp3

  1. I think you are just pained. No ones life is your business, when will people learn to stop telling people how to live their lives. She no gree for you😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 Allow unique and Sharon get married if they so desire. You are not their God. Onidoti

  2. This song is well composed but i hope is not you and younique.
    Though, friEnd do End when there is nothing to fri (fry) together sha. I wish you both best of luck

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