How I began to roast corn by the road side after by boyfriend denied my pregnancy.

Hello Everyone

I’m currently into a big problem and it’s really killing me.

As almost,it’s a custom in our house, No pregnancy before marriage but unfortunately I broke the rules and this got me into this mess for the fact that I so much love and trust my boyfriend.

Lately, I started dating Suleiman and he seems to love me so much that impression has made me allow him to always had sex with me because he promised to marry me no matter the condition.

But immediately I discovered I was pregnant for him I quickly let him know but he arrogantly denied it, he insisted until I began to cry where he sudden admitted to be responsible for the pregnancy.

Every time I try to tell my parents I became more nervous, naive and scared until the truth can’t be hidden anymore when my tommy began to swell up which got the attention of my parents and the neighborhood.

At this very point in time I was unable to deny the fact that I’m pregnant so I admitted to the fact but then my family at home and afar are already mad at me for putting the family to shame for letting this unplanned pregnancy happens to me.

My father being a noble person decided to consult the family of Usman the guy responsible for the pregnancy but his parents refuse to admit the fact that their son is responsible. This got my father angry to the extent of throwing me out of the house because its against the family rules to keep a child whose father is not known(Bastard)

My father throw me out and suddenly Usman Travelled from our town now I’m leaving alone in a one room apartment that I rented, this made me start roasting corn by the road side to at least feed my self and the unborn child.

My name is Amina a student of Kogi State University I’m from Bassa local government please I need some positive advice.

Thanks so much.

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