As we prepare to resume work and business tomorrow, Classiqvibes present to you precautionary dress code for women.

As part of the preventive measure, when we resume work and business, we should endeavor to do the following:

  1. Wrap your with head tie or turban (no face cap). This is because in washing down we don’t wash hairs like me do always. It is advisable to dress in full native with head tie or turban.
  2. As much as you can, always avoid wearing wigs, extensions, tiny braids or any attachments, for if the virus settles on the weaves or wigs, you will take it home as spread, it is not wash immediately.
  3. Woman should as much as possible try not to carry handbags. As it could be dropped on surfaces or floors when the virus has settled on and you take them home. If you must go out with handbag, endeavor to wipe it with alcohol based wipe and spray with alcohol or disinfectant.
  4. It is easy to wear native clothes and formal casual that you can easily wash after a wear as many people would find it difficult to wash suit after every wear.
  5. And most important, always wash your hands and apply hand sanitizer, using of face mask and avoid public gathering.



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