Love story: Arranged Marriage Episode 1

Tittle:Arranged Marriage
Subtitle: The News
Episode 1

Latifah’s POV

No no no no…… This cant happen,Mum please help me talk to Dad, i cant get married, its not as if i wouldn’t get married.But atleast not this way Mum please put it into consideration.How can i marry someone i don’t know neither do i love?? Mum please i beg of you. I don’t even know anything about marriage how do u expect me to cope?
it’s a lifetime choice we are talking about here mum Please🙏🙏🙏
(I tried persuading my mum to exit the marriage budget between me and Mr unknown,all my pleas fell on deaf ears but am still not going to give up)

Mrs Musa’s POV

My dear,listen to me am your mother and i know what’s best for you.This decision was made by ur Dad and I.
We had no choice this is the only way we can save our business,We are suffering a big lose in our company & we have gone totally bankrupt . In order to save our business you will have to marry the Son of the company we are joining business with.This is the best we can do.
(I had no choice but to tell my daughter the truth behind her sudden marriage.How will i also cope without my only darling daughter around me?
Besides am giving her out to a total stranger)

Ahmad’s POV

What on earth do these old cargoes wants from me? Why won’t dey let me be? This is the third time they’ve sent for me today,I just hope all is well.
Guys i’ve got to go my parents sent for me.(Hands over some money 💰)That will be enough to cater for our bills(Stoods up and left the bar) 🚶🚶🚶

Goodday Mum, Hey Dad.i was told my presence was needed,i hope no problem?
Cause this is the third time I’m being called today😒😒
Mr Isah’s POV

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You see what i was telling you about? Allow this boy study in Nigeria you disagreed,Now he’s totally lost his manners.Hey young man even if u address other adults this way you better exclude u cause we are your parents.Common kneel down and greet properly this is Nigeria.Anyways we called you to inform you about ur upcoming Marriage to….. (Ahmad cuts in) Marriage?? WTF!!Mum what’s Dad talking about??I don’t get it what’s all this talk about Marria.. (Mr isah Cuts in) Common shup up young man, what do u know??
Don’t ever cut me short when am talking to u 🙌🙌😕
You are getting married and that’s it.🚶🚶

Mum please can u atleast give me a vivid explanation about all this?? How can i get married?? Am in my late 20’s i still have things to do,i can’t spend the rest of my life with someone i barely know.Atleast get my consent before making any decisions about my life.

Mrs Isah’s POV

You heard your Dad, you must get married.You know the recent complications in our business.We had to merge up with another company to Boost our income,and the only way we could is by you getting married to their only daughter.So we could handle the business like one family ❤❤
U know how these things work son, ur are an elite think about it😤😤
If using me as a bait for business is convenient for u guys 👏👏👏
U can carry on..🚶🚶

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Await the next Episode❤

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