Ekell bambwoy IRE(Goodness) as Undisputed EP of 2020 [EP Review]

ire(goodness)undisputed ep of 2020

Ekell bambwoy IRE(Goodness) as Undisputed Ep of 2020

Artist: Ekell Bombwoy
E.P: IRE(Goodness)
Producer: Lake
Duration: 16minutes
Genre: Afrobeat
Released: 19/3/2020

After series of collaboration with different artists, Ekell Bombwoy finally drops his first EP titled IRE(Goodness) which we tagged as the UNDISPUTED EP OF 2020 .

Ekell Bombwoy is a recording artist, web developer, graphics designer, music producer and a digital marketer.
The EP “Ire” (Goodness) as the name implies is a blend of goodness. The music star named his EP from a Yoruba word called “Ire” which denotes “happiness and unlimited goodness“. The title signifies a wonderful beginning to a Mind blowing EP.

Ekell bambwoy IRE(Goodness) as Undisputed Ep of 2020
The Extended play kicks off with MONEY,a catchy song which talks about the absolute reason to make money to secure a better future for himself and the family.To make his loved ones proud and keep praying to God to bless his hustle.” Money ” is a kind of song you listen to everyday to keep the inspiration going.

“Money” is followed by “for you” a ballad, which confesses love for a mysterious lady, appreciated her, and promises to be with her through thick and thin, providing her with all necessity so that the love don’t fade and also being ready to sacrifice anything for their love to boom.The main theme of the track is Love.

The next track is “Lavida” is a party song which focuses on aiming to make money to live the flourished and fulfilled life that comes with being rich. The Track also depict that everyone is trying to make money….”everyone wants the paper” which is money and….”she wan spend the paper” which also illustrate that everyone wants the money to buy whatever they wish for.

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For You is a sequel to “with you” which continues with the endless promise that comes with wooing. The artist keep on professing love and promising to stick and come through for love.
“Let me come through for you”
“Make I come through for you”.

Joke” the final track in the EP , a ballad which seems like the final sequel to “With You” and “For You” which finally reveals the identity and name of the woman which “For You” and “With You has been dedicated to. The song depicts on the music star inviting “Joke” over to his place. The track is extraordinary and “Mad”..

The EP “Ire” is an ambient because of its calm nature. The mix tape is serenading to the ear buds with its soothing yet compelling voice guaranteed to either have you in feeling or jumping on the dance floor. The Undisputed EP “Ire” is centered on “Love” and “money” which is the most thing that bothers Youth in this present age.

Ekell bambwoy IRE(Goodness) as Undisputed Ep of 2020

The EP “Ire” was produced,mixed and mastered by the super talented producer and Singer “Lakes“, as he waves his magic once again on this piece and delivers a timeless piece that has taken the world by storm.

The EP been tagged as the Undisputed EP of 2020 is not a mere saying but in fact is more than been undisputed, It is the finest, greatest and the preeminent EP of the year.

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