A MUST READ: Prevent Yourself From Hiv/Aids By Avoiding Boys/Girls From These Areas In Lokoja

Lokoja is the capital city of the Confluence State (Kogi), Nigeria. Lokoja, recently made the list of World’s top 20 rising cities according to Visual Capitalist, such a good achievement and development by the state government is highly commendable.


As Lokoja rose to 20 top rising cities in the World, also, there has been a suspected alarming increase in HIV/AIDS across some areas in Lokoja.

According to a report a lady recently made a post on her WhatsApp status, imploring her viewers to send a secret anonymous message, telling her something they’ve wanted to tell her, but has been unable due to one reason or the other.

As viewers sent their anonymous messages, the lady kept on screenshotting and reposting on her status, but a particular screenshot left the viewers in a shocking state. A suspected lady claimed she is a HIV positive and a student of Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State. According to her message, she claimed she got the disease from a suspected student in the school, and so therefore, she vowed to make sure the disease cuts across the campus, most importantly, the department of Computer Science that she has already started with and recording a huge progress.

In a bid to silence this gist, the lady who posted this one her status deleted it immediately and appealed to the anonymous sender to send her a DM so they can figure things out, but since then, there has been no update about it.

It has been weeks, running into months ever since this issue happened, there has been no update from anyone and beyond all doubt, the person in question could still be moving around the streets of Lokoja and infecting as many men as she can, most especially students within FUL campus.

What’s HIV/AIDS???

HIV causes AIDS and interferes with the body’s ability to fight infections. The virus can be transmitted through contact with infected blood, semen or vaginal fluids.

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As though no where is 100% safe now, people living around the town in Lokoja are more prone to contracting this deadly disease, we advise everyone to be careful with the way they have sex with random girls in the streets of Lokoja and if there must be a sex, there should be full protection.

We also advise those who recently had sex with anyone from Lokoja, who’s neither your wife or husband to go for a medical check-up, to avoid excessive spread.


Say No to HIV/AIDS

Say No to Pre-marital Sex


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